Sunday, April 22, 2007

Second Time is the Charm?

Here I am staring at the monolith monitors for inspiration to blog,
Life for sure is tedious!

Coming back to technical trivia,
One of the main concerns of any self-respecting Data Analysts is the ability to deal with huge amount of data both as a consumer and producer.
This requires for varied skillset like performance tuning of SQL quries, compactification of the data and presentation of the data.

In this age of Tivo and Youtube with ever shrinking attention spans (Tata 5 day Cricket Test Matches) it's not reasonable to expect any multi-tasking human to make sense of a bunch of numbers. The standard option seems to be the ready-made Excel Charts.

Though this may look like a point and click operation, There is for more intellectual concern and nuance with showing the accurate picture hidden inside the millions of rows you chart is supposed to harvest.

But dont worry help is at hand with The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.
There is a good review to be found at

For readers(hypothetical?) impatient enough to wait for my arguments in future regarding the books they should be reading, below is my ReadingList courtest the cool Google Docs.


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