Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let the Fun begin...

As a self respecting CompSci Professional let me define the requirements i.e. objective of the blog
Though events of my life would make for an animating commentary on the don'ts of desi I will resist the temptation. The Intention is to speculate on Intellectual pursuit in the field of Data Analysis. As requirements go that is a sufficiently vague one to make a Business Analyst proud.(No Bar on taking digs at the BizAnalysts).

I take Data Analysis to be a multi-disciplinary thingy starting from mundane SQL trivia to exotic micro-economic lemmas.

I will post my original thoughts(No, its not an oxymoron) on the concerns of regular Joe, the Data Analyst as well as links to various interesting articles of interest to the Joe the upcoming Data Analyst.

Tighten your neurons, Here comes the Intellectual ride from the left field...

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